Natural Language Bible


General Guidelines

  • God makes no mistakes. NLB sometimes does. Don't turn off your common sense -- double-check your Bible for yourself.
  • The Lord does not change. And, unless you spill your morning coffee on the pages, neither will your printed Bible. However, NLB may generate different answers on different days, don't be surprised.
  • The Holy Spirit not only understands all languages, formal and informal, He also understands the deepest yearnings of our heart and mind. NLB can process many languages, even some jargon and slang -- it cannot read minds however. Query NLB the way you naturally talk, don't worry about misspellings or bad grammar, but include as much background information and context as you can.
  • Providing context is also good when asking follow-up questions. Reply to an NLB answer with "Yes I'd like additional examples about the king" or "Tell me more about these Psalms" or instead of just "More." Practice using our examples to the right to learn how to interact with NLB and hone in on what you are looking for.
  • As this is the initial rollout of NLB, lists and verses are limited to 5 items at time. There will be future capability for NLB+ power-users with additional application functionality.
  • If NLB gives you an answer that doesn't include the content of each verse, feel free to ask NLB to list out verse text from a particular version. Getting this right at times takes trial and error.
  • NLB is designed to provide Bible verses on any requested topic. If you ask NLB to answer a Bible-related question, it will give you verses to help you arrive at a conclusion for yourself.
  • TROUBLESHOOTING - WHEN IN DOUBT, RESET! - NLB is at times subject to "query fatigue" and "drift." This means if NLB seems to be non-responsive or sluggish, feel free to reset the application by clicking the NLB header (circle logo or title text).

Query Examples

  • List the first 5 men to appear in the Bible, in order of appearance. Then list the longest-living 5 men in the Bible in order of final age.
  • Does the Bible have passages about God's human kindness? Especially about God interacting with us like a parent and child.
  • List 5 passages about healthy marriages. Then list 5 passages about troubled marriages.
  • What do David and the temple bread have to do with the Gospel?
  • What are some of Jesus' miracles involving water?
  • What are Jesus' most referenced books in the Old Testament?
  • Show me two pairs of messianic prophecies in the Old Testament and their fulfillment in the New Testament.